Aprilsnar i Crossout


Targem Games og Gaijin Entertainment inviterer alle Crossout spillere til at tage del i deres aprilsnar event “Dude, Where’d You Get The Car?”. Den kører frem til 3. april så du har nogle dage endnu. Her finder du de mærkeligste køretøjer skabt af de mange spillere.

At the start of the Brawl, each participant will be randomly assigned one of 59 different vehicles selected by the Crossout developers, all of which were crafted by the players and uploaded to the game’s “Exhibition”. Available vehicles range from giant, rocket-armed crabs and crazily oversized lawn mowers to fire-breathing ducks,  jet-powered, pink elephants and even more extraordinary creations. But despite their funny appearance, all of these vehicles are absolutely deadly in combat.

Players have only seconds to familiarize themselves with whatever vehicle they’ve been assigned before 8 of them will clash with each other in a ruthless, chaotic battle. With every respawn, players receive a new, random vehicle and since there’s no limit on the amount of respawns per battle, there is plenty of time to discover what some of the most creative creators in Crossout have come up with.

The winner of a match will be whoever destroys 10 enemy vehicles first, or has the most kills after the time has run out. As special rewards, players can receive exclusive decorative items as well as decals for their vehicles. The Brawl is open to all players that have reached at least level 4, which will take completely new players roughly 15 minutes and offers plenty of opportunities to get familiar with the basics of the game.