Hvis du er en af de mange der spiller ArcheAge, så se med her. Nyt indhold lander nemlig allerede i morgen.

Denne gang er der fokus på lækre forbedringer og ikke mindst nye quests i spillet. Denne patch gælder til ArcheAge Unchained og Legacy versionen. Læs mere om indholdet her:

The episodic Chronicle quest-line, Calleil and the Crown Prince, unravels in a separate lore-based ArcheAge storyline allowing players to delve even deeper into the intricate story of the game and its famous inhabitants. Users can purchase the first episode for Gold and Gilda Stars and embark on their adventure in the Eastern Hiram Mountain region.

Another engaging feature coming with the update is Vehicle Customization. Eager drivers now can pimp up their rides with custom chassis, tires or impressive weapons and show off their new rides in the November raid. 

Community favorite enemies, including Meina, Glenn and Jola have returned stronger than ever before for brave heroes to fight against. This and much more awaits the players in the latest update. 

Patchen går live i morgen, så ventetiden er ikke lang.