Der sker meget nyt når BLAST Pro Series skydes i gang om en god uges tid. For at give fans den bedste oplevelse med mest mulig action så bliver map vetos (baner som ikke skal indgå i kampen) allerede annonceret inden start. Vi har hele pressemeddelelsen:

BLAST Pro Series is created to optimize the fan- and viewer experience of live Counter-Strike (CS:GO). Six of the best teams in the world will battle it out live on stage in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena, and the full match schedule has already been announced, so fans can prepare and follow the tournament or their favorite team.

Today, the maps for all the group stage games have also been announced on the basis of a pick and ban phase done by the six participating teams online.

Announcing the match-ups and maps well in advance of the tournament is new to CS:GO and we believe that the openness and announcements well ahead of tournaments is needed to open esports up to a new audience while serving the existing fans even better.


Why we do it

There are several reasons to why we have chosen to perform the map vetos well ahead of the tournament:

  • By knowing the full program and maps, fans have the time and opportunity to prepare and follow each match even closer.
  • Each team will have time to prepare better for all opponents. The team who’s done their homework will have a better chance of winning.
  • The five group stage rounds are best-of-ones, and in order to minimize influence of chance and optimize influence of hard work and pure skills, the teams and players are provided with time to prepare.
  • We increase the casters’ and talents’ chances to prepare, thus providing a better product with deeper insights into each match and giving the viewers a better and more well informed viewing experience.

The full program

BLAST Pro Series will open on Friday, November 24 with two group stage rounds played at a separate venue. Saturday, November 24, the three decisive group stage matches and the Grand Final will be played in front of more than 10,000 spectators in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena.

A limited number of tickets in most categories are still available via