Det er i 25. november hvor du for første gang kan se et helt nyt scene design for eSport. Her slår BLAST Pro Series dørene op til Copenhagen’s Royal Arena hvor scenen kan ses for første gang. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

On November 25, when Copenhagen’s Royal Arena opens the doors to BLAST Pro Series, the tournament’s iconic two level “A Stage” will be presented live for the first time ever. The stage itself covers the same area as a Hercules freight plane, the digital screens behind it will be the biggest ever in CS:GO and the massive light and sound set-up will match most concerts held in the popular arena.

BLAST Pro Series, with 6 of the world’s best Counter-Strike teams competing on stage, is set to break all records and boundaries and the series is set to go on the road in 2018, where fans in the America, Europe and possibly Asia will be able to experience the newest tournament and live format thatesports has to offer.

The stage is designed to fulfil the unique requirements for the BLAST Pro Series format. It’s built to scale in elements, meaning that the same stage will be transported around the world for the future versions of BLAST Pro Series.


The stage is shaped after the iconic “A” in the BLAST Pro Series logo. On the two sides facing the audience, the 6 teams have their fixed positions and computers, and on the tip in front, the event host will face and be close to the audience. On the stage’s second floor, the casters of the 3 games and the analyst desk will oversee and comment every move in every game, making sure the audience will not miss a single highlight. Players join the desk on stage after each round.

Length: 30 meters, width: 28 meters, height: 0-2.8 meters


On the screens behind the stage, it will be possible to follow all 3 games simultaneously. The main game will be shown on the main screens, which will all have new or improved visuals for a clean, cool and optimal fan experience. The main screen will be a clean version of the game itself and for the hardcore fans, up-to-date statistics, fun facts and updates will be found. On two other big(!) screens the other games will be shown, with highlights and decisive moments on the main screen. For the Grand Final, all screens will be in use, giving the audience a complete insight in the game, players and in-game action.

654 LED panels of 120×60 cm, 41 LED panels of 60×60 cm, 23 meters / 75 feet high, 40 meters / 130 feet wide, 40,000 inch screen, a total screen area of 485 square meters / 5220 square feet

Lights and sound:

Everything in BLAST Pro Series is designed with the game, fans, online viewers and players in mind. The state-of-the-art arena allows us to play with a complete 3D sound experience, supporting the in-game action.

The sound will focus on the main screen action, meaning commentators and effects will be from the main match, with continuous highlights from the other matches. Should any of the other matches end up being even more exciting, the main screen and sound will follow this match even closer.

  • 400 spotlights and moving heads
  • Stage changes colour
  • Sound system similar to a rock concert


80 computers for the player set-up alone, worth +2 million DKK (+300,000 USD)

The computers are the very latest OMEN by HP models:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 (2x8GB)
  • Graphics Card: nVidia GTX 1080 8GB DDR5
  • Recommended Danish Retail Price: 22,995 DKK / 3,600 USD

Program and facts:

6 of the best teams in the world will be on stage for BLAST Pro Series:

  • FaZe Clan (#1 HLTV World Rankings)
  • Astralis (#2)
  • SK Gaming (#3)
  • North (#4)
  • G2 (#5)
  • NiP (#9)

Friday night (November 24):
Two rounds will be played online in a separate venue. Tickets for Saturday do not give access to the Friday games.

Saturday (November 25): 
The 3 decisive group stage rounds will be played live in the arena in front of +10,000 fans. All 6 teams will be on stage at the same time, playing 3 matches at a time. The Grand Final will be played on stage Saturday night from 18:30 (6:30 PM).

Total Prize pool: 250,000 USD

Tickets: New tickets for the fanzone and the BLASTZone have just been released and 8,000 out of the initial 10,000 tickets have been sold. The capacity can be increased to +11,000.

The full program for the two online rounds Friday night and the three decisive group stage rounds and the grand final in Royal Arena on Saturday will be announced soon.