Et nyt Platform Beat em Up spil er annonceret. Byd stort velkommen til Brawlout, som udgives på Playstation 4, Xbox One og PC.

Hvis I ser traileren, så er det jo nok ikke vildt svært at se hvor inspirationen til spillet er hentet henne.

I kan se her, hvad spillet har at byde på:

Brawlout marks a return to the golden age of platform fighters. It draws on traditional fighting games to create a parade of fantastic fighting moves, and a vivid world all its own.

The platforming elements and win conditions were inspired by Super Smash Bros, while the various combat moves and ground combos were largely inspired by more violent fighters, like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, switching to a Looney-Toons sense of violence.

  • Online and local battles, with up to 8 player fights – Take part in online ranked tournaments, play locally in party mode with friends, or go solo in the story campaign.
  • Evolve and customize your characters – Each character starts out with more accessible attacks. You grow it with special attacks, new combo options, more movement abilities and advanced tech moves.
  • Vastly different combat styles – Each character is designed around a unique fighting style, to make each fight more strategic: grapple opponents, freeze them, dive kick their face, bomb them with projectiles or smash them with long range whips.
  • Rage meter – Powerful special attacks consume your rage meter. When filled up, your character gets much tougher.

Brawlout udgives til Playstation 4, Xbox One og PC i starten af 2017.

Bliver dette andre platforme´s, svar på Super Smash Bros?