Mixtvision’s gådespil Interrogation: You will be deceived udkommer nu på Switch. Du kan fra i dag finde det på Nintendo eShop til ca. 100 kr. (13 Euro)

Taking the role of a detective leading their investigation team, players must race against the clock to question their suspects and get the information and the evidence they need to stop the evil Liberation Front group from destroying the city. Use textbook methods to interrogate the suspect – or go for more ‘enhanced’ techniques, that could put the department’s reputation in danger if caught. The Switch port of this police-noir tale launches on July 28th, with the main difference from its PC counterpart being the brand new Visual Novel mode – which allows players to more easily experience all the possible endings in this winding narrative.


  • Use psychological methods to discover suspects’ secrets 
  • Manage a team, resources and uphold the police force’s reputation
  • Striking noir rotoscoped art based on thousands of photos from real actors  
  • Atmospheric music to set the gritty mood
  • Narrative mode to experience every one of the multiple endings

Thanks and good luck, hopefully you can interrogate the suspects and solve the case!