Ja eSport er ikke bare skydespil. Farming Simulator League 2019-2020 sæsonen skydes i gang på FarmCon 2019. Der er også et par video’er som viser turnerings systemet og reglerne. Præmiepuljen er på over 75.000 kr. hvilket er en pæn sjat.

GIANTS Software are excited to welcome players and fans to their esports booth at FarmCon 2019 with the start of the inaugural season of the Farming Simulator League. FarmCon is the modding and community focused Farming Simulator event of the year, and the 2019 edition is looking bigger and better than ever based out of the CLAAS Technoparc in Harsewinkel, Germany on July 27 and 28.

With this first tournament, the Farming Simulator League will be offering more than €11,000 in prizes to the successful teams, which see community player teams going up against the manufacturer-sponsored official squads. Want the scoop? These handy tutorial videos will teach you everything you have to know about the Farming Simulator League tournament system and rules.

The event will stream live on Twitch in English via the GIANTS and Focus Home Interactive channels, and in German on GIANTS’ YouTube Live channel.