Nu kan vi med stor glæde fortælle at Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto er landet.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto er en ny DLC, som giver os en helt ny del af historien i spillet blandt andet. Her er hvad Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto har at byde på:

  • A brand-new storyline, where Prompto, lost in the wilderness and battling against the Imperial forces, must find his way home and discover the truth about himself in the process
  • Fast-paced, third-person gunplay battles featuring a wide variety of weapons, including basic handguns, sniper rifles, flash grenades, bazookas and more
  • A new lightning fast snowmobile vehicle can be driven for taking down enemies and perform death-defying jumps while venturing through the wilderness
  • Commodore Aranea Highwind and her mighty lance return to journey alongside Prompto
  • Selfie Action – Players will have the ability to take selfies along the way, carrying over Prompto’s Snapshot skill from the main game

Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto er en del af Season Pass. Men har du ikke det, kan du også købe det som en ganske normal DLC.