Bungie.net er blevet opdateret med en ny funktion så du kan forbinde din Twitch konto til din Bungie og dermed Destiny konto. Det fungerer allerede fra i dag. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:


• Link your Twitch account to your Bungie.net Profile
• Enable a new Twitch Badge for your Profile page
• Provide your friends with a prompt when you’re streaming

Here’s what a member of the Destiny Companion Dev Team had to say about this new functionality. Jake Lauer helps us build the tech that Guardians use to connect with Bungie, their Guardians, and each other. This is another step to bring us closer together.

Jake: I’m excited about this because it’s our first foray into promoting player streaming on Bungie.net. It opens the door for us to start adding more features for streamers to promote themselves and become celebrities in the Destiny community. We have lots of ideas, but none of them are possible without this first step. We hope lots of players link their accounts and start streaming, so they can be a part of what we have planned!

This is just the beginning of better integration between Bungie.net and Twitch. Consult Player Support for more details.

There are more features and incentives on the way. Today, you’re invited to take the first step with us. Get yourself a front row seat, or take the stage yourself. We believe that Destiny is always better when it’s shared.

That’s Bungie World Art Tester Tony Lair. When he isn’t helping our team build new frontiers for you to explore, he’s letting the Iron Lords get under his skin. Like the rest of us, he’s really into his work. Like the rest of us, it’s left a bold impression on him.