Så er der uhygge hygge med Ghosts and Apples som nu er ude til Switch. Din sjæl er fanget i dukken Jack og du skal løse forskellige opgaver for at slippe fri. Du kan endda spille multiplayer. Det er et meget passende spil her på Halloween. Se mere i traileren nedenfor.

Ghosts and Apples is a game where you put your skills to the test and get hooked by a unique gameplay that combines action, strategy, reasoning and memory. 

In Ghosts and Apples, your soul has been trapped within the puppet Jack. Wander around and unravel the mysteries of the ancient inhabitants of the House of Frantic Pictures. Beware, though, strange pictures will suck you into a haunted world.

Ghost and Apples is a Puzzle arcade action-adventure featuring:

  • Hand-drawn art style
  • Over 150 challenging levels 
  • Customizable local multiplayer
  • Compelling soundtrack and original sound effects
  • Single player story mode
  • Two player vs mode ( local )
  • Colorblind mode