Vil du gerne i gang med et PC selvbygger projekt? Savner du erfaring eller synes du det er svært at finde de rigtige komponenter? Har du begrænset med med plads? Så har NZXT netop annonceret deres H1 Small Form Factor Mini-ITX Case. Den indeholder en SFX-L 650w 80+ Gold PSU, 140mm AIO og PCIe riser så det bliver en enkel sag at bygge din egen rig. Du kan altid bruge til at komme med et forslag til en rig baseret på hvilket spil du gerne vil spille og hvad du har af budget.

NZXT, a leading developer of software-powered hardware solutions for PC gaming, today announces the NZXT H1, a small form factor mini-ITX case that includes an SFX-L 650w 80+ Gold PSU, 140mm AIO, and PCIe riser card pre-installed for a simple building experience.

“Creating a small form factor case is something we have always wanted to improve upon because they are often challenging to build in and can hinder the performance of high-end hardware.” says Johnny Hou, Founder and CEO of NZXT. “That is why we simplified the building process and focused on performance when designing the NZXT H1. We set out to make this one of the easiest builds you can undertake while leaving no compromises when gaming.”

The NZXT H1 is a sleek, small, vertical chassis designed to fit elegantly in any battlestation, without limiting its gaming potential. Capable of housing most full-sized GPUs, the H1 was designed to effectively cool every component to prevent thermal throttling. Cable management is made easy with pre-routed cables and a rear-facing I/O on the bottom of the case which allows for simple cable clean-up.

The included components in the NZXT H1 (SFX-L 650w PSU, 140mm AIO, and Gen 3 PCIe riser card) represent over a $250 USD value, decreasing the number of items that a customer needs to purchase separately. Additionally, each included component is pre-installed, which saves time and makes the NZXT H1 one of the most simple cases to build in.

H1 Features Sections

Small but Powerful

The compact vertical design provides a small spatial footprint while maintaining support for most full-sized GPUs on the market so you can maintain your desk real estate without sacrificing graphics power.

A Simple Build

The toolless SSD tray and riser card are incredibly simple to install. In addition to pre-routed cables, the motherboard I/O faces down, routing all cables through the bottom of the case for a clean, simplified appearance.

Component Integration

Integrated power supply and AIO liquid cooler provide a better build experience, along with pre-routed cables that make it easy to manage the clutter and cut down on build time. An integrated PCIe riser* card is also included for vertical GPU mounting. *PCIe riser compatible with Gen 3.0 PCIe GPUs

Elegant Airflow

The dual-chamber airflow is thermally designed to allow the CPU, GPU, and PSU to pull in fresh air and exhaust hot air without affecting temperatures of neighboring components.

MSRP Pricing

Price: $349.99 USD

Color Options:

Matte White

Matte Black