Nu kræver det også en kampsang når du er et e-sports hold. Så Se med i video’en nedenfor når Helheim præsenterer deres “Wolves of Helheim”.

Helheim has recently released their new theme song “Wolves of Helheim” will be released to the public.
The theme song itself was made by the band called Brat Pack, and written and mastered by Werner the lead singer for the band.

But who is Werner and what was the experience like?

Werner is a 27 years old musician and has been a musician most of his life. He has been singing and playing many different genres from the past and present. Music was gone from his life for the last five years and did hit him hard on the way back (in a good way). He is now building his very own studio, also a singer in the Norwegian band Brat Pack with educated musicians, also started providing singing lessons. He made Wolves of Helheim with great help from the band, to give Helheim E-Sports a theme song. He really hope the viewers and listeners like the song as well as the video. Werner also hope he will get to make another song in the near future.