Vive Studios og Heavy Iron Studios er nu ude med Amazon Odyssey der er en virtuel interaktivt rejse gennem regnskoven. Du kan opleve den spændende natur var din lænestol og helt uden farligt kryb.

With four environments based on real locations within the Amazon, the game provides users with an opportunity to complete the adventure from the comfort of their own home, all via virtual reality. From parachuting to navigating a boat, players are exposed to a virtual environment that is interactive and immersive.

Amazon Odyssey also serves as an educational resource in that it comes equipped with an encyclopedia to educate players on the different species and plants which inhabit the terrain. Thanks to its interactive nature, this new offering from Vive demonstrates how VR is being used to educate and expose people to different parts of the world that they may not experience otherwise.

The experience is now available on Viveport and Steam. Please see our blog for more information: