En ny Free to Play titel rammer os snart, og vi tager imod den med åbne arme. Byd stort velkommen til Keystone.

Og det er allerede muligt at blive en del af den lukkede Alpha test til spillet. Det kan I ved at klikke her.

Vil I derimod vide mere om spillet og holdet bag, får I et udklip af pressemeddelelsen her:

LONDON, ON – May 24, 2017 – Stemming from the success of its free-to-play, cooperative online hit Warframe®, Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes has formed a second internal development team to work on a new game concept that expands its vision of creating high-quality free-to-play experiences built in tandem with its community. The fruits of this initiative is Keystone™, a competitive first-person shooter with a distinct blend of first-person action and deck-building strategies. Digital Extremes is inviting community-minded players to sign-up on the newly launched Keystone website for a chance to participate in the Closed Alpha starting later this week.

With the look and feel of the 1970’s retro-pulp era, Keystone will take players on a journey through a multi-verse that begins on the starting square of an intriguing, mystical board game. Players will wield unique decks of cards throughout the match that offer handy benefits, amazing powers, and fearsome weapons. With timing and resourcefulness, personally customized decks give players the upper hand in battle both individually and when strategically coupled with teammates’ decks. To find out more and to participate alongside the developers in building the concept of Keystone, sign up for the Closed Alpha today.

Skal I være en del af Keystone når det udgives på PC?