Skulle du være forbi den store Counter Strike turnering i Atlanta så kan du møde holdene Astralis og Godsent sammen med RFRSH Entertainment i deres Fan Hangout 26. januar. Det er på Hudson Grille Midtown. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

On January 26th at 5-7PM at Hudson Grille Midtown, RFRSH is hosting a Fan HangOut with Godsent and Astralis. The Fan Hangout will be an exclusive experience with room for only 50 fans and will be a close informal encounter between players and fans. Fans will also get a sneak preview to what is happening behind the scenes at Godsent, Astralis and RFRSH. Media is welcome the first 30 minutes of the event.

The programme for the Fan Hangout is as follows:

  • Welcome and some insights to what RFRSH Entertainment is about and how we see the future of esports, by founder Nikolaj Nyholm

  • Sneak peak of exclusive video content from both Astralis and Godsent

  • Q&A’s with Astralis and Godsent players and RFRSH staff

  • Fans and players hang out