Så er der 90’er steming med 20 party spil i Monster Jaunt der nu er ude på Steam. Du finder det her https://store.steampowered.com/app/983140/Monster_Jaunt/ Din opgave er at følge forskellige mondstre til det feriested som er bedst egnet. Det handler med om færdigheder end held. Se med når udviklerne forklarer:


  • Compatible with Remote Play Together: Play online with friends via Steam even if they don’t own the game.
  • Diverse Minigames: From arcade asteroid blasting to cerebral memory challenges, 20 challenging and varied minigames await. 
  • Strategy Board Game: Monsters have arrived from another dimension to…have a great vacation! Win minigames to draft monsters and plan vacation routes in a Euro-inspired board game. No more rolling dice and hoping for a win!
  • No Waiting: Every minigame includes all players and board turns are simultaneous, so you won’t be twiddling your thumbs while others take their turns.
  • Throwback Aesthetic: ’90s kids, rejoice! Monster Jaunt takes visual inspiration from 3D greats of the mid to late ’90s. Behold the glory of bright colors, lo-fi polygon, hidden cheats, and cheery MIDI tunes!
  • Abundant Customization: Play with 1-4 players and fill in with bots. Disable minigames you don’t like or increase the odds of your favorites appearing. Remap controls however you need. Don’t button mash if you don’t want to!
  • Language Options: Available in English, Spanish, French, and German!