Planet9 er en åben community platform hvor du som spiller kan træne og samle et hold. Planet9 blev annonceret ved IFA i september og er i øjeblikket i åben beta. Der forventes officiel launch andet kvartal i år.

Acer, the official global PC Partner of Intel Extreme Masters, will offer all attendees a sneak peek of the platform and a chance to register.  

Planet9 is an online platform designed to help gamers find teammates with similar skill levels and goals. It also helps players improve by providing them with feedback about their performance. 

Planet9 is currently a leading system in the world that provides players of all levels with in depth statistics –about both personal and team performance – to players of all skill levels. The platform is designed to allow all players to make data-backed decisions about how they can improve, what weak areas they should try to cover and what strengths they should capitalize upon. 

Team up with Players 

The foundation of Planet9 is its community features that allows gamers to meet and group up with other gamers who are on a similar path. They can add friends, follow people they are interested in and receive recommendations on who might make a good teammate based on games played and complementing skills. For teams, functions such as a chatroom that allows for the sharing of game tactics can help the group to bond and learn from each other.  

Train for Excellence 

Planet9 provides a series of features to help gamers level up their skills, such as ranked scrims, hiring a coach who can provide tailored and individual guidance, the ability to play alongside experienced gamers or checking out advanced game statistics to track their performance. 

Battle for Victory 

Planet9 can host tournaments from small to large scale, sponsored or official, that players can join for a chance for fame, glory and prizes. The platform facilitates tournaments starting from registration, organizing game schedules, to providing game results and analytics. 

Acer hopes to create a positive environment where everybody is connected by a passion for gaming, to form tight bonds with players and also to offer more ambitious players an environment where they can prepare for the pro-scene. 

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