Har du spillet nogle af Farming Simulator spillene, så kender du sikkert dette scenarie. Du har høstet eller fået hugget en masse træer. Men du er optil flere kilometer væk fra gården og det går for langsomt med lastbiler eller traktorer. Hvad gør du så? Man tager da toget! . . ja ihvertfald hvis du får fat i Farming Simulator 17.

Yes endelig, i Farming Simulator 17 kan du nu benytte toge for at komme frem og tilbage med dine ressourcer efter en lang arbejdsdag. Du kan læsse alt det du har samlet, op på ladet og afsted med hast mod stationen der ligger nærmest din går. Ligesom alle andre køretøjer i Farming Simulator kan du selvfølgelig også selv styre toget. Fut fut!

At less than one month before its simultaneous release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Farming Simulator 17 unveils a new way for players to quickly transport large quantities of wood and grain across its new and huge environment: drivable trains. Today’s video will let you travel along the railroads of Goldcrest Valley – two train lines that you can make use of. Trains can be driven manually on these tracks.

The train is the fastest way to deliver your production in big quantities. You will find several areas on the map that will allow you to stock, transfer or sell your grain and wood harvests directly from trains. Silos will hold your grain while conveniently placed heavy duty cranes will allow you to transfer wood between trains or unload it at the sawmill to be transformed and sold.

Both lines meet at a central point of the playable area, where you will have the opportunity to transfer goods from one train to the other. For example, you might need to transport wood across half of the map, transfer it to the second train line, then transport it the other half to Stanton Sawmill where you can transform it into wood chips and sell it. There is no risk of losing cargo, as the wagons are equipped with convenient fastening belts to ensure stability of your product.

Farming Simulator 17 udkommer d. 25 Oktober, 2016 på PlayStation 4, Xbox One og PC.