Starcraft II har snart noget tid på bagen, men det mærker man ikke, for spillet er stadig meget populært. Og nu modtager spillet snart et nyt matchmaking system.

I kan læse her hvad Blizzard har meldt ud om dette nye system, som bliver tilgængelig i Patch 3.7:

If you’ve ever wanted to play on the 1v1 StarCraft II ladder as a different race than you normally would without impacting the ranking of your “main” race, you’ll soon be able to do exactly that. Patch 3.7 brings a highly anticipated feature for StarCraft II multiplayer: separate rankings for each race you play on the ladder!

When we initially set out in developing StarCraft II, we expected a majority of players would want to focus on playing as only one race. However, thanks to the feedback of our players and community leaders, it became clear that many people want to experience the ladder as other races without affecting the rank and MMR of their “main” race. Patch 3.7 will make it possible to do exactly that for all of your ranked 1v1 matches, and we’re extremely excited to get the feature into your hands!


I kan læse alt hvad der er værd at vide om patch 3.7 ved at klikke her.