Ventetiden er stadig lang til Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 udgives. Men lad os forsøde ventetiden en smule med denne nye trailer.

Endnu en gang får vi lidt gameplay fra spillet. Denne gang får vi også forklaret lidt om taktikerne bag, hvordan den bedste sniper udvikles.

I kan endda også få det på tekst, så man lige kan læse det en ekstra gang:

Scope Calibration
Check the distance to your target and set the elevation on your scope accordingly to compensate for bullet drop. Check the wind indicator as well as the wind influences whether the bullet will drift to the left or right. When all is set, exhale and take the shot.

Take advantage of Jon’s surroundings to maximize his effectiveness in an area. Use the environment to reduce weapon sway while aiming. Crouching and lying down also reduces weapon sway. Sniper bullets are strong and can penetrate multiple targets if lined up correctly, and special sniper bullets can even penetrate walls and other barriers.

The Drone
Recon is critical to planning your mission prior to infiltration of an area. The drone can locate and mark enemies, sabotage objects and enemy devices. A simple flyover of the area can expose weak points in the enemy encampment allowing Jon to take out his enemies with deadly precision.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 udgives til Playstation 4, Xbox One og PC den 4. April.