Nu kommer NZXT med mere automatisering i deres CAM monitorerings app. Det betyder at du nu kan opsætte betingede handlinger (IF This Then That eller IFTTT) som kaldes applets. Det giver en enkel måde at styre dit grej uden at det behøver det store tekniske kørekort.

Today, NZXT are very excited to announce the official launch of their IFTTT integration into NZXT CAM (available now to download here)!

IFTTT allows you to create “if this then that” statements in NZXT CAM and using the data found in CAM (like GPU/CPU temps and loads, for example) and have it interact with services like Google, Twitter, and different smart home ecosystems.

For example, if you were concerned about your build’s GPU temps, you can create an IFTTT applet that turns on your AC, or a fan connected to a smart plug, and have your system fan’s curve set to performance whenever GPU’s loads are above 80%.

In addition to these more practical uses, NZXT also encourage all kinds of having fun with this new integration. For example, turn your PC into a weather person! You can integrate with weather apps and change your system’s lighting into a user-created rainy-day lighting profile for whenever it rains in your area. When the rain hits, your PC’s system lighting can change colour and a stormy cloud gif will pop up on your Kraken Z. Now the mood and your PC match the rainy weather!

Another thing you can create with the IFTTT integration: Let’s say you want to create a recurring meeting on Google Calendar with your boss. When your meeting starts, you can have your computer’s light turn flashing red and have a Darth Vader gif play on your Kraken Z.

There are so many ways you can integrate with IFTTT and NZXT CAM. NZXT can’t wait to see ideas and uses the community comes up with.

If you want more information about this new feature in NZXT CAM, take a look at their blog post here which includes to a link to IFTTT’s applet library.

If you want to try it out for yourself here is the link to download NZXT CAM to test this new feature.