Der er netop udgivet en Patch 1.04 til Project Cars, og vi kan bringe jer listen over de rettelser der er i den patch.

Det er mest visuelle rettelser, men der er også lidt der ændre på kontrollen af bilerne.

I kan se den fulde opdaterings liste her:


  • Pagani Monza Club day invitational event – no longer causes the game to crash when using a specific livery on the Pagani Huayra.
  • Anisotropic filtering has been increased to help reduce blurry textures.
  • Temporal anti-aliasing has been further optimised. This reduces the ghosting effect and additionally gives the player full control via a slider to tweak the resulting image according to personal preference.


  • All shaders have been rebuilt using new shader compiler, giving a significant performance boost in some areas.
  • CPU performance gains due to new more aggressive code optimisations.


  • The AI loss of grip that results from tyre degradation as a result of wear is now more noticeable.
  • The AI will now show much more realistic grip loss when running on slick tyres in the rain.
  • First pass improvements on various tracks to enhance the AI performance and ability (Azure Circuit, Donington GP, Watkins Glen, Bathurst, Nordschleife).


  • Improved the smoothness of the sun, moon, stars, and shadow motion when rewinding replays of a race that had a high time acceleration.

Patch 1.04 til Project Cars kan downloades nu til Playstation 4, Xbox One og PC og fylder cirka 500 MB.