Devil May Cry 5 er ude og sandt at sige så har jeg aldrig set én eneste af de mange djævle der er med, knibe så meget som en tåre. Det kan være det er det nye i DMC5. Vi har sammen med MI5 Communication samlet video med de tre djævlejægere sammen med nogle tips.

Have you embraced your inner demon powers yet?If the answer is no, we have put together a beginner’s guide that will help you become the most ultimate devil hunter of all times!
1. Choose the right one for you!
There’s two available levels of difficulties at the start of the game. “Human” are for the players that like an easy going gameplay and “Devil Hunter” are for more experienced players that like a bit of a challenge. But there’s also another level called “Son of Sparda”, which is only available if you’ve finished the game in the “Devil Hunter” mode. That’s one crazy level!
2. I like your style!
In the Devil May Cry series there’s a so called Style Rank. The more unique your attacks are and how well you are at chaining them together the better rank you get! The Style Rank goes from D to A, all the way to SSS.

3. Timing is everything!
The gameplay in Devil May Cry 5 is all about timing those combos! So if you really want to reach high ranks, a good tip is: don’t push all the buttons at the same time.
4. Explore!
Devil May Cry 5 is not just about the action (well, most of it are) but you should also take your time to breathe out, relax a little and do a little bit of exploration. Maybe you can find a few hidden items!