Hvis du spiller Spinoff titlen Teamfight Tactics til League of Legends, så er det her du skal se med.

En ny patch er landet til Teamfight Tactics. Byd velkommen til Reckoning. Vi deler hermed det mest væsentlige fra patch notes og 2 nye trailere:

Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning is here, along with new champions and traits, the Shadow mechanic, new Armory shops, and Hyper Roll, TFT’s first Lab. Reckoning brings players more dynamic moments to highlight their decision-making like never before. With traits that bring unprecedented flexibility, and new items and units that deepen positional play, we can’t wait to find out what combinations you uncover during the new ranked season.

Reckoning doesn’t just give you tons of new ways to prove your skill: you also have new ways to flaunt your style. Gather your party with the three new Magical Misfits, who’ve banded together to fight against — or for the Black Mist. If fighting the Black Mist with a party of Magical Misfits isn’t enough for you, there’s a whole other party going on at the Splash Party Arena!