Lider du af flyskræk så skal du gå i en bue uden om Zombies on a Plane. 1C har nu en gratis opdatering ude til Shangri-La Game Studios shooter som indeholder bedre styring, forbedret AI, nye områder og andre mindre forbedringer. Se med i traileren med Air Zombies jumbojet. Du finder det på Steam:

Zombies on a Plane: Resurrection Edition is a first-person shooter that puts players on a troubled airplane carrying infected passengers, all intent on bringing it out of the sky. Not only do the zombies make a lot of mess on the inside of the plane, they also damage the airplane’s vital parts on the planes’ fuselage and wings. Several modes offer possibilities of dealing with them right from the captain’s seat by rolling, pitching and yawing the plane until they can no longer hold on, or the good old shoot-them-all style with several modes of gameplay.

This over-the top first person high altitude zombie massacre offers thematic entertainment for the dark and rainy evenings of the Halloween holidays. And if you’re flying on Halloween, be aware that the economy class of Air Zombie just turned much worse!

About the game

Zombies on a Plane is an exciting new survival game in the sky. Take on the role of the captain of a troubled jumbo jet carrying infected passengers intent on bringing the plane out of the sky, or pit yourself against hundreds of zombies in the interior of a jumbo jet or even walk along the outside as you fight to regain control as one of the passengers in this innovative and interactive gaming experience like no other.

Use the plane as a weapon or shoot your way through the aisles as one of the last surviving passengers as you to fight to stay in the air against hordes of zombies at 30,000 ft. As captain in control, players must maintain the health of vital key parts, such as the engines and rudder, by knocking the zombies off the plane. As a passenger, players use an assortment of weaponry and traps to halt the zombies’ advance and can manually repair parts to keep the plane in the air.

Main Features

  • 6 different game modes, including ‘Defend the Cockpit’ and ‘Flight of 10 Waves’
  • High Replay value with various characters, planes and helicopters
  • Wide range of intelligent enemies and zombie-shredding weapons
  • Smart Gore System – Severe the limbs off zombies to slow them down
  • Well, kill zombies on top of a flying Jumbo Jet!


Game Information

Platform:           PC
Publisher:          1C Company
Developer:         Shangri-La Game Studios Ltd
Release date:     October 26th 2017