2. generations VR trædemølle ude


Så er Cyberith ude med 2. generation af deres VR trædemølle, “Virtualizer ELITE 2”. Det er til dig som ønsker den helt rigtigt VCR oplevelse med at gå rundt i virtuelle verdener. Den er netop blevet præsenteret på Laval Virtual Exhibition and Conference on VR and AR i Laval, Frankring.

While the first generation of Cyberith’s products have been passive locomotion devices for VR, the new product uses an actively powered motion platform to support users in walking and running in virtual environments.
While we have seen multiple passive locomotion devices as well as prototypes of actively powered Omnidirectional Treadmills, the “Virtualizer ELITE 2” follows a different path of development. The low-friction floor of the product is based on a (two degrees of freedom; 2 DoF) motion platform, that inclines the platform according to the user’s movements. More specifically, the system supports users, who walk forwards, by slightly raising the platform in their front. Thus, the gliding of the foot is initiated by gravity, resulting in an easier way to walk, according to the company. When the user rotates to change direction, the platform’s inclination changes its orientation without the platform rotating by itself.

This video shows the Virtualizer ELITE 2: