Det er 25 år siden at det første spil i Resident Evil serien udkom. I Japan kendes den under navnet BioHazard. Gennem 25 år er vi blevet udsat for alle mulige mutationer af T-viruset som har givet alle afskygninger af fjender. Det er også blevet til en af de mest succesfulde film serie med Milica Bogdanovna Jovovich i hovedrollen. Ja du kender hende nok under den kortere Mila Jovovich. Det er også hende fra Det Femte Element.

Det er i dag at Resident Evil 8 eller Resident Evil VILLage udkommer. Så sammen med MI5 Communication kan vi her bringe et samlet overblink over de spil som tegner hoved historien. Vi har 4K traileren nederst i artikel.

1996 – Resident Evil
The year is 1998. Elite task force S.T.A.R.S. sends its Alpha team, headed by captain Albert Wesker and joined by Bravo team medic Rebecca Chambers, to investigate the disappearances of fellow team members. Cannibalistic murders have been said to have occurred at a site of the disappearance, at a remote location outside of Raccoon City. On the frontlines, Alpha operatives Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield soon discover all is not as it seems. Major biomedical corporation Umbrella is somehow behind the urges of cannibalism through the creation of the T-Virus and apparent traitor Wesker has been keeping a secret.

1998 – Resident Evil 2
Mere months following the remote, confined events in which Valentine and Redfield found themselves in, rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy, inexperienced with what’s now a full-fledged outbreak runs in to equally inexperienced Claire Redfield. The small town is overrun by victims of the effects of the Umbrella-developed T-Virus who have turned against each other, rabid and rampant, roaming the streets and ripping any who cross their paths apart. Looking for her brother Chris, Claire joins Leon, making way for the local police station although not much help or luck is to be found. Instead, death looms and the pair is split up, although new acquaintances Ada Wong and Sherry Birkin bring some answers. In an act of desperation, Birkins’ father William, having created a new virus variant giving Umbrella the power to create mutated bioweapons, experiments on himself and his daughter. A fatal mistake, but a mistake Wong plans to take advantage of. The four manage to escape G-Virus Tyrants, aggressive townsfolk and fatal infection, but for how long?

1999 – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
In the hours following the events at the remote residence, surviving Alpha team S.T.A.R.S. operative Jill Valentine aims to escape Raccoon City and its T-Viral inhabitants. Fellow Alpha team member Brad Vickers also lingers in the streets of the forsaken city and despite efforts to escape, he’s slain by a menacing creature, a new bio-organic weapon – an artificial evolution of the Tyrant codenamed Nemesis-T Type. Managing to take herself out of the deadly equation, Jill’s path crosses with members of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service and the group joins forces to call for extraction by ringing the bell of a clock tower. Despite being infected with the T-Virus, Jill manages to survive plenty of ordeals with the help from Carlos Oliviera and the apparent existence of a vaccine. Not all is well, however, as Jill and Carlos go face to face with traitorous Umbrella operatives and take a final stand against Nemesis before watching the city get destroyed by a nuclear missile from a chopper piloted by S.T.A.R.S. veteran Barry Burton. Rough day.

2005 – Resident Evil 4
Years have passed since the events in Raccoon City and Leon S. Kennedy, once a rookie on the job, has worked his way up in the world despite its clear disarray. Now a government agent, Leon sets out to a village in rural Spain, not for some well-earned time off but for a rescue operation – the President’s daughter Ashley has been kidnapped by a cult made up of the village’s inhabitants, all corrupted by a mind-controlling parasite. Morir es vivir, they chant. Cult leader Osmund Saddler is planning to use this parasite to infect and thus control the President through his daughter once she returns home. After having met up with researcher Luis Sera, a friendly face amongst the horde of mindless, violent villagers, Leon gets infected with the parasite.

Thankfully, he also manages to find the President’s daughter and as the two take a short-lived refuge in the local castle, Luis joins them, handing Leon infection-suppressive pills for the pair before being killed by the castle’s owner and Saddler’s right-hand Ramon Salazar whom Leon takes down for good. In the turmoil, Ashley disappears once again and this time, trails lead to a research facility on an island nearby where Leon finds not one, not two but three familiar faces – a former colleague in Jack Krauser and Ada Wong, both of whom are working with Wesker to steal a sample of the Dominant Species Plagas parasite for the ‘Organization’ and as it turns out, Ashley is in their custody. Again, Leon saves the day and manages to escape the island and its monstrosities on a jet-ski as the island explodes behind them.

2009 – Resident Evil 5
Following the events in the Spanish village, BSAA agent Chris Redfield sets off to Kijuju, Africa alongside new partner Sheva Alomar to stop the black-market trade of a bio-organic weapon by smuggler Ricardo Irving. The pair soon find that the inhabitants of Kijuju have been infected by the mind-controlling parasites found in the rural Spanish village and their fellow BSAA team member on location have been killed. Following the trails left behind, the pair close in on Irving but are led astray. BSAA Delta Team captain Josh Stone, however, is found alive but in bad shape and Chris and Sheva are given documentation showing that Jill Valentine, who has been presumed dead, is still alive and close by.
Venturing through infested marshlands, Irving is found but infects himself willingly with a parasite variant, morphing him into a BOW beast. Once Irving lies defeated, Chris and Sheva find Umbrella Corporation intel regarding a new viral strain titled Uroboros and an Umbrella laboratory used to keep human tests subjects. Jill’s name is on an empty pod. She’s close. Turns out that Wesker, looking to create an army of skilled subjects, has experimented on select subjects, one being Jill who’s saved from her mind-controlled state by Chris and Sheva. Using syringes of the virus, Chris and Sheva manage to somewhat incapacitate the superhuman Wesker as he makes a run for it, eventually having him crash his escape vehicle before defeating him in close-combat. As the pair are picked up by Stone and Jill, Wesker tries pulling the rescue chopper down in his dying breath but is blasted into the depths by a rocket fired by the heroic pair.

2012 – Resident Evil 6
Son of infamous bio-terrorist Albert Wesker, Jake Muller, on the run from authorities, comes into contact with Sherry Birkin, the girl who survived the events in Raccoon City thanks to Claire and Leon years prior. Sherry, who went on to become a DSO agent, pairs up with Jake to create a vaccine for the C-virus strain using his blood. The two, however, quickly find themselves hunted by a massive bio-weapon called Ustanak. After having their extraction sabotaged, they get captured by a woman claiming to be Ada Wong in the mountains.
Chris Redfield and fellow BSAA agent Piers Nivans, who have both seen some hard times following an attack killing most of the members of the BSAA, have returned to duty in Lanshiang, a city in severe turmoil as they arrive. Upon arriving, Chris and Piers meet up with Ada, whom Chris turns to confront. However, Leon and US agent Helena Harper, who are hunting down Neo-Umbrella bio-terrorist Derek Simmons who happens to have been responsible for the infection and subsequent death of the President, halt the confrontation.
Leon and Helena, alongside Ada, turn their efforts back to Simmons who mutates as a result of the virus after confessing to his part in the President’s murder and manage to kill him. However, they also witness Jake and Sherry being swept off, once again, to a remote oil platform.
On the oil platform, Chris and Piers free Jake and Sherry from its confinement and the two pairs go up against two different bio-organic weapons in parallel. While escaping, Piers sacrifices himself to save Chris while Jake and Sherry escape after defeating Ustanak once and for all.

2017 – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
July, 2017. The sun is high in the sky, the summer breeze causes blossoms to gently sway and Ethan Winters is on his way to a run-down plantation in rural Louisiana after having received a message from his missing and presumed dead wife Mia. After arriving at the plantation, Ethan finds his beloved imprisoned and in a state of amnesia in the basement of the seemingly abandoned building and is attacked by her as she flies into a sudden rage and violently fights her off. Again, Mia is presumed dead – this time at the hands of a traumatized husband. The death isn’t final, as Mia comes back to the land of the living, cutting his left hand off with a chainsaw before, once again, being presumably killed by Ethan.
Following the battle, the owner of the derelict house, Jack Baker captures Ethan and hosts a dinner party for him alongside his demented family. Ethan escapes the odd dinner party, hand re-attached, and learns that the Baker family has been infected through talking to Zoe, daughter of Jack although the infection can be cured. After having fought his way through the building, killing both Jack and his wife, Ethan’s mind is filled with visions of a mysterious girl. With a dose of the cure for the infection, Ethan cures his wife, leaving Zoe behind as the two flee the site on a boat before being knocked off it by a monstrosity. Coming to on a massive ship, Mia regains her memory and Ethan learns that his wife worked for the company creating the girl in Ethan’s visions and that said girl is a bio-weapon. The girl, now a decrepit old lady having settled as one of the members of the Baker family, has been the cause of the family’s fall. Ethan manages to take her down, however, and is rescued by Chris Redfield – who’s in an Umbrella-adorned chopper.

2021 – Resident Evil Village
25 years have led to this. Ethan Winters, having lived a quiet life with his wife Mia and their baby girl Rosemary, has once again found himself in a nightmare of someone else’s doing. Chris Redfield has taken Rosemary in an attack on the pair’s home and Ethan has to, once again, find a way to rescue a loved one. What is Chris Redfield’s motive? What dangers lurk in the shadows of the Village and who is Lady Dimitrescu?