Spiller du Valorant, så er der godt nyt. En ny agent lander nemlig. Byd stort velkommen til Neon. I morgen lander Episode 4 act 1. Se en præsentation af Neon og den nye episode 4 act 1 lige her:

Episode 4, Act 1 Battlepass will cost 1,000 VP and will include free highlights of:

⦁ Velocity Shorty w/ Variants⦁ Operation: Fracture Player Card

⦁ Valentine’s Tactics Player Card

⦁ Chicken Out Gun Buddy

⦁ Lost Connection Spray
Paid highlights include:

⦁ Velocity Karambit w/ Variants⦁ Schema Vandal 

⦁ Velocity Phantom w/ Variants

⦁ Hydrodip Frenzy

⦁ Unstoppable // Sage Player Card

⦁ Be Mine Valentine’s Day Player Card series

⦁ Big Brain Gun Buddy

⦁ Nice One Spray

The Protocol skinline was created by an oppressive shadow government who must quell disorder in its ranks. Enter Protocol 781-A: an arsenal specially designed to provide combat assistance, monitor performance, and enforce compliance with every command. The skins have multiple level styles and costs 9,990 VP which includes:

⦁ Personal Administrative Melee Unit (melee)

⦁ Protocol 781-A Phantom⦁ Protocol 781-A Spectre

⦁ Protocol 781-A Bulldog⦁ Protocol 781-A Sheriff

⦁ Protocol 781-A Gun Buddy

⦁ Protocol 781-A Card

⦁ Protocol 781-A Spray

All these updates will go live in VALORANT on Tuesday January 11th. You can find assets include Dev Q&As for the new agent, battlepass and skinline here: https://we.tl/t-6537Tj5cMM