Andet kapitel til Edge of Eternity ude nu

Nye søde mounts


Så er der mere indhold til JRPG’et Edge of Eternity. Det er den anden af ialt 4 planlagte udvidelser som igen giver endnu mere underholdning. EoE er i det som kaldes Early Access og forventes at have en fuld udgivelse næste år.

The Plains of Solna – Chapter 2 update highlights:

  • The tale continues: Daryon and Selent confront both the ghosts of their pasts and old rivals in their attempts to find elusive master Alpharius.
  • Explore new parts of the world: Discover a vastly expanded game, twice the size of chapter one, including a new dungeon, city, playable characters and 4-5 hours of playable content.
  • Survive the Lighthouse, a brand new procedurally generated dungeon of 100 floors. The first 10 will be available to test your skill against.
  • Ride a Nekaroo: Adorable companion Nekaroo makes its debut, ready to ferry you through the vastly expanded world. Nekaroo have multiple abilities including assisting you track down hidden chests, tracking NPC’s and rewards! You’ll be able to participate in Nekaroo races too!
  • Legendary composer, Yasunori Mitsuda, adds further magic with his spellbinding soundtrack.
  • Many more surprises: As well as new monsters, weapons, quests, and characters, you’ll now be able to sprint whilst exploring, experience new weather effects like snow, acid rain and sandstorms as well as over 100 bug fixes and usability improvements.