Apex Legends har annonceret deres næste store in-game aktivitet. Det bliver noget du aldrig har set før – Monsters Within. Det starter 12. oktober og du finder nye arenaer og nye kosmetiske genstande. Det kører en uge!

Apex Legends is celebrating Halloween once again with the Monsters Within event bringing spooks and surprises. Starting on October 12, Revenant runs the Apex Games with his own brand of fun and frights, including the return of the fan-favorite mode Shadow Royale. Additionally, the event is ushering in an entirely new Arenas map with spooky limited-time cosmetics that are sure to incite the sounds of screams across The Outlands.

Below is a quick recap of all the limited-time, death-defying activities players can anticipate:

  • New Arenas Map: Encore – Monster’s Within will bring with it an entirely new Arenas map for old and new players alike to terrorize.
  • Shadow Royale Returns – Shadow Royale starts in a trio match, and when players die, they are raised from the dead in a powerful “Shadow Form” to exact vengeance on their killers.
  • Limited Premium Cosmetics – Unlock fearsome cosmetic items that will be available through shop bundles or offers.
  • Dia De Los Muertos Sale – From October 26 until November 1, celebrate Dia de los Muertos as Octane hosts the party with a new Muerte Rápida Bonus Bundle. The bundle includes the Epic “Muerte Rápida”  skin, Epic “Altar Ego” banner frame, a matching Rare “Flirting with Death” skin for the Volt and 2 Octane Packs (each guaranteed to have at least one Octane item).

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