Selvom ArcheAge har været på banen i Europa siden 2014 betyder det ikke spillet er dødt. Det lever faktisk i bedste velgående.

Det solide MMORPG spil har nu fået en masse nyt indhold. Den nye udvidelse kalder de “Garden of The Gods”, og den har en masse lækkerier til os. Der er blandt andet nyt gear og en ny dungeon. Sæt X i kalenderen den 13. august for der går det løs. Læs den officielle udmelding om Garden of The Gods her:

In August, players of the Fantasy MMORPG ArcheAge can explore a new dungeon, craft powerful gear, let loose in the second installment of the Mistsong Banquet and look forward to a mighty discount on the Garden of the Gods expansion for ArcheAge: Unchained.

Hamburg, June 30, 2020 – ArcheAge’s latest expansion, Garden of the Gods, will receive an exhilarating update on August 13. In both versions of the game, players of The Garden of the Gods expansion can set off to the Ipnysh Sanctuary to prove their might against fearsome foes and collect the new gear. In addition, Unchained players will score some generous discounts on Garden of the Gods should they choose to purchase one of the most breathtaking expansions in ArcheAge‘s history.

The new dungeon is located on Aegis Island and can be accessed by completing the main story questline of the Garden of the Gods expansion. It offers thrilling challenges for daring adventurers in search of the new Immortal Warden gear that can hold its own even against other high-level armor such as the Exalted Hiram Guardian equipment and comes with a variety of additional effects to the players’ skills. 

Players can also take a break to participate in the Mistsong Banquet during its second season. There are new quests and rewards players can complete for a limited time. With the Gods’ Authorities, a mighty new feature will be added to Garden of the Gods, granting skills to the heroes or buffs to faction members, which they can then utilize in battle against their enemies. The maximum number of players in said zone will also be adjusted to 150 per faction to ensure an epic experience.  

Further balance changes will also be added that affect combat in ArcheAge. Skillsets such as Vitalism, Swiftblade and others will be adjusted to give players more freedom in developing their unique character. This and much more awaits the players in the expansive update!