ArcheAge har 6 års jubilæum. Det fejres selvfølgelig med en masse lækkerier til dem der spiller det.

I anledningen af 6 års jubilæummet har holdet bag spillet valgt at give os en masse godter i spillet. Der er blandt andet et lækkert event og endda noget at hente via de sociale medier. Læs mere om det her:

Hamburg, September 18, 2020gamigo is excited to announce the sixth anniversary of their fantastical MMORPG ArcheAge! Players can look forward to a month filled with special in-game adventures and social media events.

Six eventful years have passed since ArcheAge first opened its gates in Europe and North America. In the mythical world of Erenor players can follow their dreams of fame and fortune while traveling the vast continents of the online world solo or together with their friends. 

This September, players can use the Hashtag #AABirthday to express their love for their favorite game on Twitter or join one of the many giveaways and double events for precious rewards. Erenor’s more creatively inclined heroes may want to participate in the Akasch Community Contest to see their very own costume they designed in the game!

More information on the Anniversary events and the anniversary sales can be found on the official ArcheAge website.