Så er der et nyt spændende mobil titel. Det er startet som et game jam hos udvikleren Climax Studios. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

ARise is the result of a game jam the company ran to inspire creative and innovative concepts for augmented reality games. Players will lead a pint-sized adventurer up the stony flanks of a vast petrified monster, using perspective to cross chasms and scale sheer cliff faces.

The main quest is to reach the top, retrieve the sacred sword and awaken the monster. The game is 3D with an AR twist: the player overcomes each obstacle by – quite literally – looking at it in the right way. The visuals are aimed at what AR does best – offering a rich, living beautiful game world that can be examined from any angle. ARKit advanced tracking on the iPhone and iPad gives the player director-like control over the camera, giving the virtual game world a strong sense of physicality, depth and real-life presence.

“By using perspective, exploration, angles and almost no controls, we hope we have created a fresh game play experience that will develop over time,” said Simon Gardner, CEO of Climax Studios. “With ARKit we were able to leverage the power of the iPhone and iPad’s built-in camera, processors and motion sensors, to easily build ARise, which is a highly detailed and compelling virtual game that sits on top of the real-world.”

The first three levels of ARise for iPhone and iPad are available to download today from the App Store for €3.49. Additional downloadable content will be available free of charge in the coming months.