Aura Kingdom er et spil vi stadig ser en masse nyt til. Her giver vi jer et overblik over den sidste patch der er landet til spillet. Få det fulde overblik her:

gamigo asks Aura Kingdom players to hold on tight because its latest patch – Sky Riders – is going to take them on a memorable flight filled with new Sky Tower floors, dungeons, events, and much more.

Aura Kingdom’s Sky Riders patch takes off with players battling through five new Sky Tower floors (56-60), each featuring their own story, challenges, and rewards. Once players reach a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, they can unfasten their safety belts and battle through four new dungeons:

  • Eidolon Story Dungeon: Tsubaki
  • Nightmare Realm (Party)
  • Nightmare – Ancient Cliff Temple (Solo)
  • Demon King Fantasies X – Battle of Ambition

Entering their descent, players can look forward to participating in the Sky Tower Drop Event, the Guild Eidolon Spawn Event, and the Christmas Letter Collection Event. For the upcoming holiday season, players can participate in a number of in-game activities – such as archeology and cooking – to collect the letters C-A-N-D-Y. Once their CANDY is earned, players can exchange them for several in-game rewards including panels, buffs, and more.