Ja den helt rigtige overskrift på pressemeddelelsen er “Bandai Namco Europe launches the Bandai Namco Game Music label and releases the original soundtracks for ELDEN RING and Tales of Arise“. Den var så lige det længste. Hvis du synes musiksporet til Elden Ring og/eller Tales of Arise er værd at lytte til så får du nu muligheden. Der er links nedenfor hvor du kan vælge din favorit musik platform.

Since the first videogames and all throughout the history of the industry, music has always been a core component of the gaming experience. Music made the games’ memories  last longer and followed the players into their daily lives with amazing soundtracks to go back to and relive the stories they played. We strive to delight our fans with more than just games, so we decided to bring videogame music to as many listeners as possible, with the release of two digital albums of game background music.

thee first album is music from ELDEN RING, which has sold over 16.6 million copies worldwide. Listen to 67 tracks from the composers at FromSoftware, scoring everything from thrilling battles against enormous bosses, to the wide variety of environments and situations that make up this epic adventure.

Listen from your favourite platform here: https://bandainamco.lnk.to/Elden_Ring_ST

The second album released today is music from Tales of Arise, the latest installment in the Tales of game series, which has sold over 25 million copies since the series began. Mastered under the direction of Tales of series Composer Motoi Sakuraba, this soundtrack will immerse listeners in the Tales of Arise world. Tracks range from evocative background music to epic battle themes, with a variety of styles and sounds including popular, strings, and full orchestration.

Listen from your favourite platform here: https://bandainamco.lnk.to/TalesOfArise_ST