Der findes vel ikke nogen større katastrofe end at løbe tør for strøm til en festival eller koncert. Xtorm mener de har den ultimative festival gadget med deres høj kapacitets power banks. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

There’s nothing more infuriating at a festival than an empty smartphone battery, meaning you miss the best photos or can’t find your friends again when you get back from the toilets. An Xtorm Power Bank is an absolute lifesaver!

A Power Bank is an external battery that enables you to charge mobile devices without a plug socket. That makes recharging a smartphone or other mobile device with a USB connector simple wherever you are, even at a festival.

Just like festivals, Xtorm Power Banks come in a wide variety of types and styles.  The FS101 Fuel Bank 2x, for instance, is compact enough to slip into your trouser pocket but powerful enough to charge your smartphone at least twice. The larger XB202 Power Bank Discover 17.000, on the other hand, will provide enough power for a whole week! Each Xtorm Power Bank offers different additional features, such as built-in cables or torches, waterproof casing and much, much more!

All in all, an Xtorm Power Bank is the ultimate charging solution for any festival! Whether you’re going to a day, weekend or week-long festival, Xtorm will ensure you’re always prepared.

Price and availability
Xtorm Power Banks are available from various €14,99 in various (online) stores and at Xtorm offers two years guarantee and unlimited helpdesk support on all its products.