Borderlands 3 Day 15 patch ude


Det er ikke det store jeg selv har oplevet af problemer men der er altid et eller andet som skal fixes. Så Gearbox er ude med en samling rettelser i god tid inden vi i oktober skal have et Halloween tema.

Pro-tip: Husk at give Moxxi 30.000 i drikkepenge i 1000 credits for at få et fedt våben.

As you may have already noticed, the first full patch for Borderlands 3 went live yesterday, September 26. This update contained the first batch of performance fixes, and the team continues active investigation and work on additional performance improvements for upcoming patches. Details on everything this patch addressed can be found right here.

In addition to this larger patch, Gearbox and 2K also plan to release a second batch of hot fixes later today. Where yesterday’s patch focused primarily on overall performance, these hot fixes focus instead on balancing in-game elements, such as tuning damage dealt by Maliwan and Atlas weapons.

As Gearbox and 2K explained in a post last week: “In between the larger patches that will continue to expand and improve the game, we’re able to make more minor adjustments via these hot fixes or ‘micropatches’ to improve and fine-tune your experience at a quicker pace. We’ll continue to roll out these incremental improvements while evaluating gameplay data and identifying necessary balance adjustments, and will be keeping record of all patches on our site.”

For the majority of players, this week’s hot fixes will be live by or before Midnight CEST. To see the complete rundown of the adjustments made in this week’s round of hot fixes, please refer to this blog.