Blockchain er mere og andet end cryptovaluta. Det er en måde at undgå en mellemmand til sikker handel eller udveksling. Lagt de fleste online spil er afhængige af en eller anden central platform til at sikre mod snyd og for at holde dine stats intakte. Nu komme så den første gaming platform som benytter blockchain. Sidder du med en udvikler i maven så er det nu du skal slå til.

Find ud af mere via den officielle sideFacebook eller læs dette white paper.

Since the rise and success of cryptocurrencies, there are many widescale, on-going attempts to use this innovative, open-source data base in different industries. But can gamers benefit from this? The Chimaera platform uses blockchain to create an entirely new method of designing online gaming universes with greater possibilities for developers and players alike. The platform just entered its public pre-sale on March 23rd and its creators promise to revolutionize in-game economies, asset ownership, community aspects, and even PVP competition.

Chimaera is a massive expansion of the idea behind the Huntercoin project that the team launched way back in 2013. Huntercoin was the first fully decentralized MMO game running on a blockchain. Players acquire huntercoins (HUC) by playing the PvP (player versus player) game. Now Chimaera is providing a set of tools to create DAUs – Decentralised Autonomous Universes.

MMO games running on the Chimaera blockchain don’t require servers. With Chimaera, gaming accounts are unhackable, assets are perfectly secure, and trading is fraud-proof. Furthermore, in-game economies can be provably fair and open source, with both in-game currencies and/or items spawned in the game for players to compete for. These provably fair game economies are completely autonomous from external factors or interventions and players truly own their items and game coins. Combined with how Chimaera facilitates fraud-proof transactions, entirely new economies are possible.

Developers also benefit when they build on the Chimaera platform. It is readily integrated into games created with popular game engines, such as Unity and Unreal Engine. The cost of servers, one of the highest financial burdens for developers of online games, is absent. The developer can also receive a fixed amount of currency produced in the game, set subscription fees similar to retail game purchases, and sell content or participate in asset trading. This opens the way for many new models of monetization.

However, perhaps the greatest benefit for developers is that when they create a game economy that benefits gamers with provably fair items and game coins, the economic incentive for gamers builds their loyalty to the game. Acquiring customers is extremely expensive for any company, so retaining existing customers is just good business. Further on that, when gamers can profit in a game, other gamers see that and will move to that game.

Some of the features offered by Chimaera include:
• Real in-game economies with rewards that can easily be translated from digital to real-world value.
• Absolute and guaranteed ownership of purchased or created assets.
• Secure, fast and virtually cost-free transactions and payments with no 3rd parties needed.
• Human Mining with provably fair game assets makes playing video games profitable.
• Peer-to-peer gaming system, autonomous from 3rd parties.
• Full ecosystem with a developer hub, community hub, trading platform, multiplayer competitive arena, and more.
The Chimaera public pre-sale will last for 4 weeks and will end on April 19th