Hvis den daglige trædemølle ikke er nok så kan du nu få Cyberith Virtualizer VR Treadmill som er kompatibel med mere end 100 VR spil. Vi så den for et par år tilbage på Game Developer Conference og nu er det så en rigtigt produkt.

Years after defining precise decoupled movement and viewing directions as the standard for VR Treadmills, Cyberith is yet to announce another technological leap that might increase the adoption rate of this niche technology more quickly.

The VR Emulator the company distributes via its “Cyberith Arcade” content distribution system emulates input of the trackpad of a SteamVR Controller, such as the HTC Vive Wands. Therefore it works with many games that allow users to move smoothly inside the application by touching the trackpad. This method of locomotion became increasingly popular during the last two years, making it, along with teleportation, a new standard for VR locomotion.
Today, this “free locomotion” method is not only supported by popular games such as Arizona Sunshine or Serious Sam VR, but also by big names such as Fallout 4 VR or Doom VFR.

Technically, the software is able to send values to the SteamVR runtime, which originally was intended to be used by the SteamVR Controllers. “Valve published a major update of SteamVR in January, which standardized the way controller input is handled. This allowed us to send data in a way, we haven’t been able to do before”, says Pierre Mercy, lead developer at Cyberith. “These new emulation capabilities open a lot of options that did not exist before. I expect this to help VR locomotion products to overcome the classical “chicken & egg problem” resulting from a lack of compatible content such products tend to have. Sooner or later every market participant will need to offer emulation tools for leading VR platforms such as SteamVR.”

In parallel, Cyberith continues to extend the list of optimized arcade games available on their “Cyberith Arcade” content distribution platform. “It is important to give the choice to arcade operators to use fully optimized arcade games or to use well known AAA titles. We do not want to lock anyone into a limited number of games, but we do want to offer great content that our customers can use out of the box”, Cyberith CEO Holger Hager says about the platform, which features titles such as the horror experience “Affected: The Manor” and the zombie shooter “VRZ Torment”.

The Virtualizer product line continues to be exclusively available for professionals and businesses, with further information on applications being available on the companies website “cyberith.com”. Nevertheless, the availability of an input emulator for SteamVR might be an important step of making VR Treadmills more attractive to a broader audience and help increase the adoption of this new technology.

About Cyberith
Cyberith started as a research project in 2012 and incorporated as a Startup company in early 2014. While the company hoped to be able to bring its technology to a mass market audience initially, it turned out that its current version of the core product “Virtualizer” was more suitable for B2B uses due to its dimensions and production costs.
The company currently focuses on the market segments of “Out-of-Home Entertainment”, “Training & Simulation” and “Research & Development”, while the team is still working on fulfilling its obligations towards its Kickstarter backers, the earliest supporters of the team.