Julen falder tidligt i Crossout som indtil 5. januar fejrer jul med  PvE missionen “Christmas Heist” hvor du optjener “Crackers” (knallerter) som kan byttes til dekorationer som giver ekstra XP. Crossout er free-2-play. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

In the ruthless post-apocalyptic world everything can be stolen, even Christmas. In “Christmas Heist” players must force their way into the bandits’ den, save the Christmas tree from being burned, find the gifts, and battle the grinch-like Bandit leader before returning Christmas. The storehouse is well protected, and the gifts are hidden in unexpected locations.

Players can earn “Crackers” many ways during the holiday festivities. From victories in “Christmas Heist” to participating in “New Year Fever” PvP Mode to completing special daily tasks.“Crackers” can also be sold to other players through the market, or used to create various decorations for vehicles. The tier-made snowman, Rudolph’s Horns, and a volley of fireworks are a few of the examples of holiday themed vehicle decorations that increase the amount of experience earned during battle. The “Snowstorm” update also brings stickers to Crossout. The first bunch of 15 stickers allows players to add some sweet holiday designs to their metal monsters. Santa’s sledges on hovers or a big red truck armed with big guns – get ready to meet post-apocalyptic Christmas creatures in Crossout this winter!

Read more about the holiday events and gifts on the Crossout official website: https://crossout.net/en/news/378/current/#/