Det bliver i 2022 at uhyggen breder sig i Children of Silentown udviklet af Daedalic Entertainment, Elf Games og Luna2 Studio. Der findes en gratis prolog på Steam så du kan se hvad det handler om. Lucy lever i en landsby omgivet af store skove fyldt med monstre. Lucy og hendes venner er bange og end ikke i deres drømme et det sikker at lege. Lucy sætter sig for at udforske og du skal hjælpe hende med opdager og spor for at løse gåden.

Beware of the forest for it contains dangers unknown! Daedalic Entertainment, Elf Games, and Luna2 Studio are happy to announce they have joined forces to bring beautifully hand-drawn dark adventure Children of Silentown to PC and consoles in early 2022. Players can get a taste of the unique and unsettling title by playing the free prologue on Steam now.

Lucy lives in a small village surrounded by deep woods filled with monsters. Lucy and her friends are afraid of them and not even their dreams are safe places to play.  It’s not unusual for Silentown’s inhabitants to vanish without a trace, but now the young girl feels it’s time for her to investigate. Search the village for clues, solve puzzles, meet quirky characters and animals, and deal with a very mean cat. But beware: Do not enter the forest!

Children of Silentown visualizes a beautifully hand-drawn 2D world with a grim and creepy flair. Lucy can solve curious puzzles by combining various items for surprising results or play minigames with the village’s other children. Music plays an important role and learning to sing helps Lucy in tricky situations.


●        Explore Silentown in search of hints, but beware: do not enter the forest.

●        A unique, unsettling 2D art style fitting for a mysterious, dark tale.

●        Music plays a crucial role, and learning how to sing will help Lucy in times of need.

●        Combine items to obtain widely unexpected results!

●        Many quirky characters (and animals!) to interact with. Be nice to them before they disappear.

●        Play minigames with the other children of the village!

●        A very mean cat, programmed to mess with Lucy at any given chance.

●        Solve curious, original puzzles.

Children of Silentown will be released on Steam in 2022. Play the free prologue with its 96% positive user score of now and add the game to your wishlist!