Selvom et spil har mange år på bagen betyder det ikke at det er ved at uddø. Det er Fiesta Online et levende bevis på.

En ny patch er landet. Og vi får en masse nye lækkerier. Denne gang er det en ny game mode der står for skud. Læs om denne og de nye ting i patchen her:

The Anime MMO Fiesta Online introduces a new currency system, game feature and much more in its latest patch.

Hamburg, September 17, 2020 – Players of gamigo’s colorful online RPG Fiesta Online can look forward to a variety of exciting new content. A myriad of adventures await them in the fantastical world of Isya, together with a friendly community and thrilling daily challenges. 

Thanks to Item Tokens, a newly added feature, this specific in game item now can be exchanged for cash shop currency. This can be achieved by speaking to the famous Madame Seria in Roumen, who converts the heroes’ items. 

For the forgetful traveler, a useful addition is being worked on, that reminds them of the quest requirements of their adventure when entering a map. Starting today, apprentice Magicians and aspiring Archers just starting out in Fiesta are being aided in their fights against fearsome foes by the action mode which can be toggled on or off by the players. The FPS cap has been lifted and several balancing changes have been added. 

This and much more comes to Fiesta in this comprehensive patch!

Patchen er som sagt ude nu, så det er bare at give den gas!