Fox Innovation Lab, Twentieth Century Fox’s research and development centre, har i fællesskab med RSA Films og The Virtual Reality Company i dag annonceret den første virtuelle rejse med The Martian VR Experience – mulig at købe fra 15. november til PlayStation VR (PS VR) og HTC Vive via Steam.

Produceret af Ridley Scott, instrueret af Robert Stromberg, The Martian VR Experience er et interaktivt og fordybende eventyr, hvor seeren deltager som Mark Watney. Her må han udføre opgaver, der øger hans chancer for overlevelse på Mars. Brugere kan flyve hen over Mars, operere i zero-tyngde, køre Mars-rover og opleve andre nøglescener fra hit filmen The Martian i et nyt og spændende 360˚ VR univers

I’ve always tried to approach filmmaking from the standpoint of creating an immersive experience. Now with the tools that are available to us in virtual reality, we can raise the bar even higher. The audience can experience storytelling in ways we previously could only imagine,” siger Ridley Scott, producent af The Martian VR Experience og blandt grundlægger af RSA Films. “Mars has never been closer to being within our grasp and I’m so thrilled that we can invite people into The Martian VR Experience.”

“Virtual reality is transforming what we think of as movie entertainment – people can be the viewer behind the screen, and now they can participate in the story,” siger Robert Stromberg, instruktør af The Martian VR Experience, samt co-grundlægger af The Virtual Reality Company. “With The Martian VR Experience, we were able to take Ridley’s cinematic vision and create an immersive VR experience that gives people the ability to be Mark Watney, to face his struggles, experience his successes, as if they were part of the film.”

The Martian VR Experience er mulig at erhverve til PlayStation VR samt HTC Vive for 149 DKK fra 15. november 2016