Two Point Hospital er en utroligt sjovt simulator hvor du laver dit eget hospital. Nu er der så mulighed for at designe dine egne udsmykninger som samtidig er integreret til Steam Workshop. Det betyder du kan dele dine ting med andre og få deres ting ind i dit hospital. Se med i videoklippet ovenfor.

Ever dreamed of designing your own wall coverings, floor tiles, rug shapes and decorations to adorn the halls and walls of your burgeoning healthcare empire in Two Point Hospital? Ever wondered what it would be like to have access to a community driven treasure trove of creations from your fellow hospital administrators via Steam Workshop? Well wonder no more friends, the Interior Designer update has landed for Two Point Hospital and it’s blowing the bloody doors off identikit hospital décor!

This completely free update for Two Point Hospital introduces a simple to use in-game design tool that allows even the most artistically challenged to create content for their own hospitals in a jiff and then share them on Steam Workshop. It essentially unlocks boundless customisation options for your diligently designed hospitals limited only by the imaginations of the Two Point Hospital Community! What could possibly go wrong?

Don’t believe us, well check out this short tutorial video explaining how the tool works below.

Still don’t believe us, well here’s some content we prepared earlier and it’s already live on Steam Workshop: