Last year was a huge succes for the Danish fighting game scene with around 60 Scandinavian fighters battling it out for pride and glory.

In the battle of the vikings last year, the Norwegians came out strong in both Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3 and the Swedes showed their dominance in Tekken, Third Strike and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. This year we all get a chance to prove who are the real kings of the Nordic!

Therefore we proudly announce a new Headstomper Tournament and once again we ask you to join us. This year we have a new game in the mix and there are more memorable prizes at stake, than just money.

GamersLounge Presents

Headstomper Tournaments V

Time and place
Saturday 12th May 2012
Doors are open for warm-up from 11:00.
Friday evening we will set up the equipment and you are most welcome to help us out and play a few casual matches.

Google Maps
Herlev Gamle Skole
Herlev Bygade 92 B, 2730 Herlev

Tournament Time Schedule
12:30, Deadline for registration
13:00 – 17:00 Super Street Fighter IV AE, Tekken 6 with finals
17:00 – 18:00 Dinner break
18:00 – 22:00 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken with finals
22:00 – 23:00 Super Street Fighter II TURBO, Street Fighter III Third Strike with finals

Practical Stuff

Venue fee: 50kr.
The venue fee is payed at the entrance and is used for snacks, drinks, coffee and toasts at the venue as well as tournament prizes.

Tournament Entry Fee
This must be payed for each tournament you sign up for and it covers the money prize for the top finalists. The champion gets 2/3 and the follow up gets 1/3. Guests, audience and casual players have free entrance but they cannot participate in tournaments or enjoy food, snacks, drinks without paying the fees.
In the Tournament Titles and Rules section you find the entry fee of each tournament.

Food: We do not offer dinner or lunch, however you can find fastfood in the city 4 minutes from the venue.

Accommodation: You can stay overnight both friday and saturday at the venue if you need to. You must tell us in advance though by either leaving a comment or sending me a PM. (P_C)

Registration: Friday 4th may.
We would like to know a bit about how many paricipants we have beforehand. Please write a comment about who you are and which games you want to play. Also state if you wish to stay overnight at the venue and what nights.
Making a comment here is not binding, however we appreciate your early announcement. We will buy food according to the expected number of participants.

The deadline for registration 12:30 at the venue. This is a hard deadline this year! We need the time to setup brackets and clean up before the tournament. If you are not sure that you can make it in time, please tell us beforehand by sending me a PM or get a friend at the venue to sign up for you.

The games you sign up for are not binding, and you may reconsider up until half an hour before the tournament starts.

This year we have both trophies and t-shirts at stake however there are still money prizes for the finalists.
The champion gets 2/3 and the runner-up gets 1/3.

Platform: PS3
(X360-players can borrow pads/sticks during the tournament from the community)

Rules of Conduct
We have ZERO tolerance for vandalism, theft or violence. Such will immediately be reported to the nearest police station.
The equipment is supplied from some of the kind tournament participants and we expect you to treat it with care.

Tournament Titles and Rules

Basic rules (applies to all games):
– We play with losers and winners bracket (double elimination). You are elminated only when you have lost two sets.
– Standard match settings are the factory settings of the game.

Street Fighter III Third Strike
– We mainly use Street Fighter III Third Strike Online on ps3, but can use PCs if necessary (like if you need to use xbox pads/sticks).
– Gill is banned
– Standard match settings
– All sets are best out of three matches
– Entry fee is 25 kr

Street Fighter X Tekken
– The format is 1vs1
– No gems
– Standard match settings
– All sets are best out of three matches
– Entry fee is 50 kr

Super Street Fighter II TURBO
– Akuma is banned
– Only on PCs. We cannot guarantee your stick will work on all PCs but otherwise you should be able to borrow one that works.
– Standard match settings
– All sets are best out of three matches
– Entry fee is 25 kr

Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012
– Standard match settings
– All sets are best out of three matches
– Entry fee is 50 kr

Tekken 6
– Standard match settings
– All sets are best out of three matches
– Entry fee is 50 kr

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
– Standard match settings
– All sets are best out of three matches
– Entry fee is 50 kr

Join the discussion at Headstomper OSS for other questions

If you can offer equipment (setups in particular) please let us know at Headstomper 5: setup tråden

Sign up now so we can see how many are showing up this year! Enter the heat of battle! GO FOR IT!