Heavenstrike Rivals har netop fået en større opdatering, så i nu kan få en endnu bedre oplevelse med dette spil, som i finder til iOS og Android.

Vi deler selvfølgelig lige en lille liste over, hvad der er sket i den nye opdatering, i det meget populære mobil spil:

  • Decreased app size for iOS, making future updates easier to download
  • A new introduction sequence to PvP matches
  • Streamlined battle screen UI (the Auto button has been moved and fast-forward lasts beyond the end of a turn)
  • The opportunity to obtain the Prison Warden as a bonus unit with your next core pack purchase
  • Easier access to Recruitment from the Squad screen
  • The addition of a turn counter in PvP battles
  • Potential Mage and Gunner secondary damage is highlighted in a clearer manner
  • Fast forward mode stays in effect between turns once selected
  • New sound effects

Der er også ordnet nogle småfejl i spillet, og dem ser i her:

  • Improved notifications on the map for current events and PvP seasons
  • Improved connectivity
  • Improved error handling and restoration for making in-app purchases
  • Fixed occasional hangs/crashes related to Facebook login
  • ·Fixed a crash caused by using Cores to continue a battle during PvE
  • Fixed a crash caused by having an empty gift box
  • Addressed several instability issues seen when transitioning between certain screens

Heavenstrike Rivals kan downloades gratis til iOS og Android .