Så er HITMAN 2 Winter Sports Pack ude til alle som har Expansion Pass. Det betyder tema udstyr i din jagt på alle trofæer på de enkelte baner. Du kan se snebolden i brug i traileren. Der er snefestival helt frem til 12. februar hvor du bl.a. kan få en hakke.

  • Winter Sports Suit – A tight-fitting, multi-colored thin sweater with matching dark grey cargo pants, featuring reinforced knees, along with neoprene-laced gloves and a matching canteen to fit in at any ski-themed event.
  • Snowball – A tightly packed snowball that can be used as a throwing item to annoy any adversary.
  • Piton – A metal spike for climbing that is sharp enough to use as a lethal weapon.
  • Quickdraw – Climbing gear that can double as a fiber wire in tight situations.
  • Arctic Tool Box – A handy toolbox for arctic conditions that can be used to hide illegal items.