Guerilla Games havde en stærk fremvisning af deres kommende PS4 eksklusive Horizon: Zero Down. Managing Director Hermen Hulst har udgivet en hel bunke af informationer omkring spillet. Længere nede kan du også se nogle ret så ultra sprøde billeder fra spillet. Læs videre her:

  • Hulst has seen some “interesting speculation” on the geographical locations of the game, and he confirmed that there are real world references, but he can’t disclose which ones.
  • Gameplay is very intuitive. In the actual game there is a little bit of story-driven build-up to learn of things work, but it’s not gonna be a half an hour-long tutorial.
  • The machines have many ways to attack, so there’s a ton of variety on how you can take them on.
  • When you loot your enemies you can either use the parts to craft equipment or bring them to a merchant. There’s an entire economy within the game. You can buy new weapons and new outfits. For instance, there is an outfit that protects you against poison.
  • Most of the times Aloy is by herself. She can meet people that will occasionally help her, but that’s it.
  • When you bring up the weapons wheel the game goes into slow-motion because developers didn’t want to take players completely out of the experience, but still give them time to think.
  • Aloy has a couple of pieces of old world technology with her. One is the focus attached to her ear, that allows her to scan the world, the other is the spear that lets her override the machines. When she overrides a machine, she can make it fight alongside them, while some of them can even be used as mounts.
  • In the world of the game the cataclysm happens a little over 50 years from the present time, and the game is set a thousand years after that.

Det ser super godt ud. Men selvfølgelig er der stor forskel på at læse om diverse gameplay features, det andet er at se det. Derfor får du her nogle af de bedste billeder fra spillet af. Horizon: Zero Dawn udkommer eksklusivt til PlayStation 4 d. 28 Februar, 2017.