Ravenscourt og Independent Arts Software, har netop annonceret at Horse Life 4 snart udgives på Nintendo 3DS.

Denne udgave af Horse Life, har en masse at byde på, og i kan se det hele lige her:

  • Choose your companion from 12 different horse breeds
  • Customize your character with various outfits and accessories
  • Explore an open world together with your Horse
  • Care for your horse through 3 different mini games
  • Participate in multiple competitions such as dressage, show jumping, field race and eventing
  • A variety of challenges and additional mini games allow you to win trophies, special outfits and accessories
  • Use earned Nintendo 3DS coins to unlock special content
  • Augmented reality mode allows you to interact with your horse in “real” surroundings
  • Play multiplayer via Wi-Fi with up to 3 friends and explore the world together!

Horse Life 4 traver ind på din Nintendo 3DS den 13. November i år.