5v5 brawleren Kingshunt kommer i Early Access på Steam 3. november. Det er en mørk fantasi verden skabt af finske Vaki Games. Du finder det her: https://store.steampowered.com/app/922620/Kingshunt/

Kingshunt blends real-time melee and magic combat with strategic tower and minion summoning. Launching with fifteen heroes to choose from, players will be able to use the melee, ranged, or utility characters that suit their playstyles. Each game consists of two teams of five seeking to conquer the other by controlling strategic locations and/or destroying the enemy base.

Kingshunt took home two awards at the WN Unreal Dev Contest for its incredible attention to detail and graphics. 

“We are very excited to share Kingshunt with you. The choice was clear to launch in early access. It offers us the opportunity to quickly learn and adapt based on our growing community’s feedback. We aim to be very collaborative with our players.” Teemu Jyrkinen, CEO of Vaki Games.

Kingshunt launch features include:

  • Third-person action combat – Conquer your enemies in a 5v5 arena that is a hybrid of capture and hold combined with lane-based towers and minions.
  • Choose from a roster of heroes and master their unique set of skills and spells to suit your playstyle.
  • In Kingshunt every Hero has the ability to summon powerful minions and place formidable towers providing true player agency and an unprecedented level of strategic depth not seen in other arena brawlers.
  • Unlock powerful runes to add new passives and buffs to your heroes, customizing your playstyle even further.